PaintAg – additive for paints and coatings

Brush for paint
Nano silver

Our additive for paints and coatings is based on nanotechnology. Therefore it can enrich Your product with useful properties of silver. As a result our add-on reduces the build-up of unnecessary static charge. It also helps to scatters light well and prevents paint fading. Even a small amount of the additive results in formation of active ions that protects paint against negative environmental effects. This prolongs the life of paint and maintains the sense of freshness. Our additive contains no biocides and allergens. Made in Lithuania using environmentally friendly production method.

Ways of usage

Replaces allergic paint additives
Preserves color
Long-lasting cleanliness


Technical advantages:

  • Stable – does not change Your product properties
  • Preserves color for extended period of time
  • Ensures long-lasting cleanliness on the surface
  • Improves coated surface with the good properties of silver
  • Replaces other allergy inducing additives
  • Produced using an Eco-friendly production process

Benefits for business:

  • Future technology for good price
  • Eco-friendly labeling
  • Allergen free labeling
  • Nano labeling
  • Long lasting effect
  • Easy to implement in production