September 11, 2019

Rho nano releases new product – nano silver additive for paints and coatings

Paint and coating manufacturers formulate products using additives to improve or to include new properties. For example, one may want to formulate a product with specific glossiness or to protect paint from microorganisms. Added materials can improve product properties, but it may also cause side effects. Isothiazolinones (MIT, BIT, OIT) are frequently used as a protection from microorganisms, yet MIT, BIT and OIT are known to be allergic. For this reason EU regulates isothiazolinones strignently. New labelling requirement to state MIT doses higher than 0.0015% (15 ppm) will come in force in 2020. This means that a manufacturer must inform customer that his product may cause skin sensitization.  Rho nano has create a replacement product for isothiazolinones. The new additive contains silver as nonallergic substance. We have specifically formulated this product for binders, acrylic coatings, water based paints and coatings. You can read more about our product here.