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plus Can you develop custom product?
Yes, on the customer’s request we can develop new product with custom characteristics of nanoparticles or product. Contact and tell us about your needs.
Yes, you can try our products for free. Contact us and we will send a sample of chosen product.
Silver nanoparticles are very small particles in size between 1 and 100 nm. The main difference between bulk silver and silver nanoparticles are surface area to volume ratio. Nanoparticles have very high surface area to volume ratio compared to the bulk metal. Consequently, silver nanoparticles can release much more silver ions and have stronger antibacterial activity.
Silver nanoparticles can easily oxidize in the presence of oxygen and release silver ions. Silver ions are highly reactive and bind thiol groups in bacteria proteins followed by structural changes in cell wall and nuclear membrane which cause cell decomposition and death. Due to high surface area to volume ratio silver nanoparticles have better cell-particle contact and increased release of silver ions resulting in superior antibacterial properties.