About us

Due to Rho nano patented technology using liquid jets in vacuum we can quickly produce large quantities, cost friendly and premium quality products. Our main focus is to create additional value for our customers. Rho Nano is a scientific company dedicated to create practically useful nanomaterials and technologies in daily life. Our team is from the best scientists in the country and we achieved amazing result. We developed and patented new method how to produce premium quality products in large quantities and at the low cost. For this reason You can get good quality nanomaterials worldwide. After successful technology commercialization we target to be among leading nanotechnology companies in Europe. However, this method is also environmentally friendly and sustainable as it significantly reduces the consumption and waste of chemical materials. Our team is proud to be able to use this safe method. Besides supplying nanomaterials our R&D team offers development services for special projects or individual applications. Despite biocides we are developing electroconductive inks for electronics. It could open new possibilities for all industry. It is only a matter of imagination where and how nanomaterials can benefit everyone of us.